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Bank Modulus Check Updates as over 130 Bank Branches Close

With the proposed closing of over 130 bank branches, updates to the Ardbrooks Bank Modulus Checker routine ( validates bank account numbers ) will be fairly frequent over the next 12 months as bank accounts are moved from one branch to another. This is especially true in the case of AIB bank accounts as their validation links the bank account number to the sort code which will change as branches close.Our Bank Modulus Checker is incorporated into our payroll software products PayDay and EuroPayX, our Electronic payments software products PayCE and PayCEX and also available as a standalone module […]
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Top 10 features of EuroPayX Payroll Software

Fully compliant will all Revenue Tax, PRSI and USC requirements Email Payslips & reports The payslips are compressed, and password protected if required and delivered using your own email server. Customised Timesheets  & links – Timesheet screens for easier data input. Caters for multiple costing  within Adjust and Calculate options. On-the-fly permanent  amendments to employee tax details. Timesheet links and manual  input are interchangeable. Excel, Word & GL Links “skylight – a drill down” history – View Employee Master File details period by period. Employee tax  details for current tax year may be viewed using pop-ups. HR and Time and Attendance systems links One click reporting  – All your favourite reports […]
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Annual membership fees of a professional body

Finance Act 2011 – change to section 118(5E) Taxes Consolidation Act 1997For the tax years 2004 to 2010, Section 118(5E) TCA 1997 provided that expenses incurred by an employer on behalf of an employee in connection with the payment (or reimbursement) of annual membership fees of a professional body were exempt from tax where such membership was regarded as “relevant to the business” of the employer. Following the enactment of Section 7 of the Finance Act 2011, this tax exemption is not available for the tax year 2011 and subsequent tax years. Accordingly, the deductions of tax, PRSI […]
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Share-Based Remuneration – Finance Act 2011 Changes

The Budget and Finance Act 2011 made several changes to share-based remuneration, in particular charging certain gains made by employees to universal social charge (USC) and to PRSI. These changes also impact on employers who are to be responsible for deduction and payment of most of the relevant charges. Department of Finance statement on PRSI The Department of Finance published a statement on its website ( on 14 March 2011 in relation to the ‘grandfathering’ of the new PRSI provisions. This states that the charge to PRSI (both employer and employee) will not apply where share-based remuneration was […]
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EuroPayX – Irish Language P60’s

EuroPayX irish payroll package has now improved its support for the Irish language by including Irish Language versions of the P60 and Levy cert prints. This complements our already available Irish language payslip stationery. We would be insterested to hear any suggestions as to how to improve the Irish language support within EuroPayX, you can do so by making comments or by emailing us @
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Ardbrook Website given a Facelift!

Ardbrook’s website has been given a facelift! This, we hope, will make it easier to locate infomation regarding our irish payroll products and our electronic payments software. So if you find any problems on the new website, just post a comment below so that it can be corrected.
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EuroPayX – Attach documents to Employee Records

In our EuroPayX irish payroll product it is now possible to link related documents to an employees record. These documents can be in any format such as word, excel or pdf, they can even be scanned from source material enabling you to access an employees complete record from within your payroll software. To link a document to an employee call up the employees record in the employee window and click on the HR tab. Then click the add document to select the document file to be linked to the employee. It is possible to display any document by double-clicking […]
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Working time legislation has been in place since 1997. The basic thrust of the regulations is that workers may not work more than an average of 48 hours a week, are entitled to daily and weekly rest periods, and to 4 weeks’ paid holiday. Of course, no legislation, particularly coming from Europe, is ever quite so simple. The average hours are calculated over a 4 month period; young workers can only work 40 hours a week, certain sectors of workers are excluded; and the definition of what constitutes work is open to disagreement. Despite the regulations going to the […]
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Budget 2011 – Year-End 2010 Check List

This is check list of reports and functions to be performed in your EuroPayX or PayDay payroll when closing off 2010 Tax Year and entering 2011 Tax Year. For more information see the documentation provided and/or manual. Once again if you have a week 53 ( In 2010 a payroll run date of 31st December) it must be done as a separate payroll  run and not be included in holiday weeks. Import Tax Credit file as downloaded from ROS. (Check that the Tax Registration number on the file is the same as your DataSet.) In 2011 Due to the […]
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Lastest Budget 2011 Predictions

With Budget 2011 only a day away here are some of the latest predictions for what that budget might contain Employee PRSI ceiling to be abolished, currently at €75,036 A lowering of personal income tax bands and credits or equivalent measures A reduction in pension tax relief and pension related deductions Car Scrappage scheme to be extended Petrol and Diesel prices expected to rise Cut in child benefit Airport travel tax likely to be cut from €10 to €2 Government Ministers face pay cuts of upto €20,000 we will post full details of the actual budget changes after the Brian Lenihan announces them in the Dail tomorrow afternoon.
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