Ardbrook PayDay product screenshots

  • Single and Multi Company versions.
  • 8 Payment Frequencies.
  • No limits on the number of Employees, Cost Centres, Departments etc.
  • 100 Pay Elements. Embed formulas, memo info etc.
  • Gross to Net history (Tax Deduction Card).
  • Individual re-calculations within pay period.
  • “Rollback” to a previous payroll period.
  • Automatic handling of Holiday Pay with definable Holiday Types.
  • CSO Reporting.
  • Detail maintained on a Tax, Financial, Pension and Pay Element year.
  • Import of both Permanent and This Period changes. Can be reversed.
  • Flexible Net to Gross calculations on individual Pay Elements.
  • Special Calculation Run.
  • 3 Payment Methods. Pay can be distributed into a max of 5 bank accounts.
  • Links to Time Systems, GLs, etc. (PayDay Plus).

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