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PayDay – Printing Screens

Within the PayDay irish payroll software package, both the Employee Details and Adjust and Calculate/Payslip screens can be printed by pressing the F12 Key.
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EuroPayX – Now you can email P60’s and Levy Certs

For this tax year end Ardbrook have added the option to our EuroPayX irish payroll software to enable you to email P60’s and Year End Income Levy Certs to your employees. If you already use the email payslip facility then this option is for you. Setting up Email Payslips, P60’s and Levy Certs  Options – Company Details – Email Address – Enter the email address from which the payslips are being sent eg  (Applies to Email Payslips only) Options – Pay Controls – Payslip Tab – Initialise Email Payslip Count – Use this option to […]
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EuroPayX – Make use of Word Links

The EuroPayX irish payroll software has a facility called Word Links which allows you to “MailMerge” with Microsoft Word. This is done by creating a Word document with bookmarks inserted into positions at which data from the payroll will be placed, for example employee name,address,salary etc, then within EuroPayX you create a link which defines what data is to be sent and the name of the Word document. Word links can be used for sending standard letters to employees on a variety of topics such as pension, salary changes etc.
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EuroPayX – Setting up a Gross To Net Excel Link

It can be useful to setup an Excel link in EuroPayX specifically to replicate the Gross to Net report but with additional fields (usually each Addition and Deduction in the payroll). This overcomes the limitations on the standard gross to net report whose content is limited by the size of an A4 page and allows for a greater level of detail in reporting. Excel Sheet created by EuroPayX and data then used to create graph. The Excel link function within EuroPayX can be used to create multiple links […]
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€15bn Cuts and Taxes announced

Some of the taxation measures introduced in the four-year plan are as follows Maintain the 12.5% corporation tax rate PAYE threshold reduced by €3,000 to €15,300 by 2014 Net Pay by 2014 for a single person on €55,000 will be reduced by €1,860 per annum (€36 per week) or 4.8%. The net pay for a married on-income family on €55,000 will be reduced by €2,310 per annum (€44 per week) or 5.4%. pension relief changes in the plan provides for the elimination of employee PRSI and Health Levy relief on pension contributions in 2011. It also commits, among other changes in 2011, to reducing […]
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Will you have a Week 53 this year?

Simply put if your payroll date falls on Friday the 31st December 2010 then you will have a week 53 payroll period, otherwise no. In a week 53 situation the payroll period must be run individually and cannot be part of a two week calculation for holiday shutdown as week 53 is run on week one calculation basis and not a cumulative basis. As a result, the employee will get the benefit of more than the year’s total tax credits and standard rate cut-off point
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EuroPayX – Did you know that photos can be linked to an employee

In EuroPayX a photograph can be linked to an employee’s master file record. To do this simply click on the HR tab and then using the browse button against the image file entry, locate and select the required image. The image selected will appear when viewing the employee master record.
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What Everybody Ought to Know about P30/P35 Differences

As we approach the end of the tax year our minds turn to P30/P35 differences, or maybe not! If, on period update (or manually selecting the P30/P35 comparison option) you find that you have a difference between your P30 (Company) and P35 (Employee) totals either in the tax, PRSI or both then it may be due to one of the following reasons A new employee was setup with PRSI figures from another employment. A new employee was setup with P45 pay and tax entered as this employment. An employee’s PRSI class was changed without retaining existing data. A manual adjustment was made to an […]
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Dataset Archiving in PayDay

DataSet Archiving in PayDay is the automatic storing of Datasets during each period update, but before clearing down all this period values. Archived Datasets can then be accessed at any stage, allowing reports to be run, etc. To access Archived Datasets (ensure there is no currently open Dataset) select ‘File’, and then ‘Archived Datasets’ from the main menu. Archive SelectionPayDay by default displays all Archives, to reduce the number down use theArchive Selections options. Company Name -Limits the list of archives to the selected company. All Archives – List both Period Update and Year End Archives Period Update Archives – […]
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Parking Levy Awaiting Implementation

Recently I have been queried a number of times regarding when the parking levy will start. The current situation is that the minister has signed the parking levy into force so it can go live at any time, but it is still awaiting implementation because there are issues in defining the designated areas. Watch this space ….
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