What Everybody Ought to Know about P30/P35 Differences

As we approach the end of the tax year our minds turn to P30/P35 differences, or maybe not! If, on period update (or manually selecting the P30/P35 comparison option) you find that you have a difference between your P30 (Company) and P35 (Employee) totals either in the tax, PRSI or both then it may be due to one of the following reasons A new employee was setup with PRSI figures from another employment. A new employee was setup with P45 pay and tax entered as this employment. An employee’s PRSI class was changed without retaining existing data. A manual adjustment was made to an […]
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Dataset Archiving in PayDay

DataSet Archiving in PayDay is the automatic storing of Datasets during each period update, but before clearing down all this period values. Archived Datasets can then be accessed at any stage, allowing reports to be run, etc. To access Archived Datasets (ensure there is no currently open Dataset) select ‘File’, and then ‘Archived Datasets’ from the main menu. Archive SelectionPayDay by default displays all Archives, to reduce the number down use theArchive Selections options. Company Name -Limits the list of archives to the selected company. All Archives – List both Period Update and Year End Archives Period Update Archives – […]
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How to Process Disabilty Benefit

To handle Disability Benefit for Irish payroll when the employer pays the employee and the employee gives the cheque(s)  to the employer. N.B. Social Welfare payments are not subject to Income Levy The Payroll Administrator need to set up three new pay elements: Disability Addition Taxable            – Gross Addition, subject to Tax but not PRSI Disability Deduction Taxable         – Gross Deduction , subject to Tax and PRSI Disability Addition Net                  – Net Addition, subject to neither Tax nor PRSI First Six Weeks or 39 Working Days: Salary / Basic paid as normal Amount of Disability cheque entered as a Gross Deduction Amount of Disability cheque entered as a Net Addition Result: […]
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Do you know that Ardbrook provide Irish payroll systems suitable for any size of enterprise? If you are comfortable and happy with PayCE, why not use one of our payrolls? PayDay and EuroPay Xtra incorporate full compliance with all aspects of PAYE and PRSI and they are rapidly updated to take into account budgetary and legislative changes. You can have an unlimited number of employees, departments, cost centres etc. In the multi-company versions you can have an unlimited number of companies. Fixed, variable and memo pay elements are catered for and the payroll for any period can […]
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